Hello 2004, I have finally joined the blogosphere! I’m Elliot Snook, a current PhD student at Newcastle University specialising in the gentrification of former social housing, but I’m interested in the urban environment in general, which is fortunate because it gives me plenty more to write about on here.

I’ve got tonnes of stuff already written that I’ll be posting up so it should get updated quite regularly. It’s all about housing, but should also interest people who live in flats, bungalows, maisonettes, bedsits or even possibly the homeless. Apologies for the ugly off-the-peg theme, I’ll sort that out during the week. It’s content, not the way it looks that’s important, anyway. So, sorry for the content too. I will try to improve that as the years pass.

Blog about gentrification and the housing crisis. By a current Newcastle PhD candidate who grew up on of one of London's "worst estates" (according to the Evening Standard), where a flat now costs £450,000. No, I don't own one.